Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will play on Saturday night at 22.00. The Barça squad will fly to the capital on the day of the match and won't be back home until December 19, nine days later. That's because they'll be flying direct from Madrid to Japan for the FIFA Clubs World Cup.

FC Barcelona will head for Tokyo at 1.30 in the morning, because they have to arrive at Narita Airport before it closes. Because of the rush, none of the players will be able to speak to the media after the Madrid match.

First training on Monday

The flight will take about 11 hours and the team will then be transferred by coach to their hotel in Yokohama, where they will rest until Monday, when preparations begin at 11.00 at the Yokohama Marinos training ground for the semi final of the FIFA Clubs World Cup, after which two players and the manager will give a press conference.

Tribute to Fukushima victims

At the late Tuesday session, there will be a solidarity event in which the players will wear commemorative shirts and will be pictured along with children representing the victims of Fukushima.

First match build-up

On Wednesday and Thursday the team has further training sessions before the first game in the competition kicks off on December 15 at 19.30. The Wednesday session will be at the match venue itself, the International Stadium Yokohama, and Pep Guardiola and one player will be talking to the media, all of this at a time yet to be announced.

Last days in Japan

If Barça win their semi final, they will play the final on Sunday at 19.30. If not, they will play off for third place the same day at 16.30, with both games being played at the International Stadium in Yokohama.

Barça will have trained for this match on Friday at 11.00, and also on Saturday at a time and place to be decided. Before the Saturday session, Guardiola and one player will be giving a press conference.

On the same Saturday at 19.00 there will be an official FIFA reception involving one representative of each finalist club.

FCB will return to Barcelona on Monday. They will be due back at El Prat Airport at 18.00.


Sunday, 11 December
22.30 Arrival in Tokyo

Monday, 12 December
11.00 FCB training session (CE YOKOHAMA MARINOS). First 15 minutes open
13.15 Presentation press conference at team hotel

Tuesday, 13 December
18.00 FCB training session (CE YOKOHAMA MARINOS). Solidarity event with victims of Fukushima

Wednesday, 14 December
Official pre-semi final press conference (time to be confirmed)
FCB training session (INTERNATIONAL STADIUM) (time to be confirmed). First 15 minutes open

Thursday, 15 December
10.00 FCB training session
19.30 Semi finals of Clubs World Cup

Friday, 16 December
11.00 FCB training session (CE YOKOHAMA MARINOS)

Saturday, 17 December
Official pre-match press conference (time and place to be confirmed)
FCB training session (time and place to be confirmed). First 15 minutes open
19.00 Official FIFA reception with representatives of each team

Sunday, 18 December
16.30 Third place play off
19.30 Clubs World Cup Final

Important information

- All times local, eight hours time difference from CET.
- Training sessions may change time at the behest of the coaching staff.
- Due information shall be provided regarding accessibility to cover training sessions that have still not been determined as open or closed.

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