Sandro Rosell is very pleased with how the Camp Nou said goodbye to Guardiola / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Sandro Rosell was very pleased with how the Camp Nou said goodbye to Josep Guardiola.“The Camp Nou clamored for Guardiola. Pep we love you. We can’t say anything else. It was fantastic,” said the FC Barcelona President.

Moreover, Rosell highlighted the changing mentality of Barça fans and members: “we’re in an era where Barça have learned to win and lose, where we also pay homage to our heroes.” He added, “it’s important that our heroes can leave through the front door. We’ve matured as a Club and as supporters.”

“He’ll come back through the front door”

During his talk on the Camp Nou’s pitch after tonight's match, Pep Guardiola hinted at a possible return when he said “I’ll see you later.” Rosell said that this “is good news. Everyone loves Pep and we all want him to return.” He added that the manager has “exceeded any protagonism in the Club.” He added, “he left through the front door and he’ll come back through the front door. When he wants. In these moments, I’m proud to be FC Barcelona’s president."

After two years of leading Barça, Rosell explained that Guardiola’s success is based, among other things, on work: “I’m sticking with the image of him on the plane, after an away match, when he returns home and starts to work. He doesn’t stop. It’s admirable. I’m very surprised. Success isn’t achieved by chance, success is achieved through hard work. We’ll miss him but I’m sure that we’ll thoroughly enjoy [this team] once again.”

Tito Vilanova, the new manager

The President also talked about the decision to name Tito Vilanova as Guardiola’s substitute next season: “the Club is mature. Decisions are thought through, with maturity and wisdom. It will continue to be a good story.” He added, “it’s Barça’s philosophy: create and bring up the players and the managers.”

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