Sandro Rosell and Josep Guardiola / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Sandro Rosell has announced on Friday that Josep Guardiola will not be staying on next season. He described the decision as “the most difficult” that he has had to accept in his time as president of FC Barcelona. After expressing “the club’s utmost respect” for the outgoing manager’s decision, the Barcelona president highlighted that “the club is more mature and solid than ever … which has to be the basis for consolidating a strong and unified future”.

“Thank you, Pep”

The president constantly reiterated his gratitude to Guardiola, and for a number of reasons. “For the happiness you have given us and for all you have done for your Barça; for having perfected a footballing model that can never be questioned again; for having represented the institution in such an exemplary fashion, honouring the values that define us as a Club; for all your support, affection and love”.

It is for all these reasons that Sandro Rosell has no doubt that fans “will be eternally grateful to the greatest manger in our history … with all my heart, thank you very much, Pep”, the president reiterated.

Looking ahead to next season, Rosell expressed aloud his desire for the club to administer the legacy that Guardiola has left, and what he says will always be called “the Pep system.” Having revealed that Tito Vilanova will be the next FC Barcelona manager, the president said that he is convinced that “he will be working from an excellent base … he has to improve whatever he can and never settle for things as they are”.

The trophy of pride

Rather than any of the many trophies that FC Barcelona have won in the last four seasons, Sandro Rosell feels that what matters the most about everything Guardiola has achieved “is not any particular championship, but rather the trophy of pride. It is thanks to him the we have won it. Since I can remember being a Barça fan, I have never seen a reaction like the one I saw on Tuesday at the Camp Nou. It’s clearly not a trophy that will ever be in the museum, but it will always be there in the spirit of the Camp Nou”.

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