The league table makes it patently clear that Barça and Madrid are the strongest sides in the competition. They've scored 96 goals between them, 49 for Madrid and 47 for Barça, 15 more than the next four teams, Valencia, Levante, Sevilla and Malaga, have managed between them in total.

And the two sides are led by phenomenal goalscorers in Messi and Cristiano, who have 17 goals each and form the basis for both team's attacking strategies.

More than three goals a game

In the 15 games FCB have played in this season's Liga, they have scored three or more goals on eight occasions. At the Camp Nou they have been especially powerful, averaging 3.1 goals a game.

Madrid have managed to do slightly better, with an average of 3.5 goals a game, with nine particularly impressive wins in the 14 games they have played to date. They are also strongest at home, for the Santiago Bernabéu has witnessed an average of 4.6 goals a game, and 28 in total. Víctor Valdés has the best goalkeeping record in the league so far, having conceded just seven goals, but he will clearly have a particularly tough job keeping Madrid at bay on Saturday might.

Top scorers in Europe

The Champions League group stage was concluded this week, and Barça and Madrid were also the highest goalscoring teams in that competition. Barça scored the most, 20, and only leaked four. Madrid conceded even fewer, just two, and scored 18 of their own.

17 years of goals galore

Since 1994/95, games at the Santiago Bernabéu between Madrid and Barça have guaranteed goals. In fact, there have been at least two goals in every game played since then, including some truly remarkable scorelines, such as 2-3 (1997-98), 0-3 (2005-06) and the historic 2-6 (2008-09). The all-whites have also had some famous wins, such as 5-0 (1994-95), 3-0 (1999-2000 and 4-1 (2007-08).

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