The central defender says he is ready to "play the 90 minutes" if Guardiola so decides against Viktoria Plzen in a key game for FCB. "The three points are super important because we must aspire to top the group, which is important for possible match-ups in the next round” he said.

Tough start to the season

Piqué has already suffered two injuries this season, and says "it has been a tough start because I haven’t been able to help the team, I have been working at a different pace and that’s not good  for my mentally.” But in his absence, the team has been doing brilliantly in defence thanks to Mascherano and Abidal. "They are playing spectacularly at the moment. The statistics say that and as the boss says, he’s the best centre back at the moment” said Piqué in reference to his Argentine colleague.

Messi and Valdés

The team is 38 minutes from beating its own record for not conceding goal and Lionel Messi is one shy of his 200th goal for the Club. Piqué spoke about the team potentially breaking both these records: "Messi only just made it to 100 goals and has got to 200 really quickly, which shows how he has taken on more responsibilities and is on another level … As for the record for not conceding goals, that’s everybody’s achievement, although mainly Valdés’. He’s having an amazing time as a keeper and deserves much more recognition.”

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