Kluivert training with Rijkaard's Barça. Photo: Arxiu (FCB)

Kluivert scoring the go-ahead goal in the Sánchez Pizjuan. Photo: Arxiu (FCB)

Patrick Kluivert, Barça’s marquee signing in 1998, is the third foreigner with the most games played for the Club. Kluivert, an extraordinary striker, finished his six-year Barça stint with 122 goals and now currently works with Twente’s youth academy. The Dutchman left FC Barcelona seven years ago. When given the chance, Kluivert will heap praise on teams that play the sport beautifully, on this occasion he did so during his interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat.

“It’s a pleasure to see them play”

Kluivert lauds Guardiola’s Barça and is proud to have played alongside some of the current Barça players, “the way they play is impressive. The football they play is out of this world. I’ve played with Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, and now they are the backbone of this team. When I was here, they were young, it’s a real honour and pleasure to see their play bring so much success to the Club.”

“Guardiola connects with the players”

When Kluivert arrived at Barça, Guardiola was the squad captain. A team leader that has morphed into a master on the bench. “He knew the culture of the Club, what it meant to be Barcelona,” the Dutchman explains. “He was already a leader when he was a footballer and you had the intuition that when he finished his career he would be a great manager. He connects with the players. He know how he wants the team to play and he communicates that well to his players.”

“Messi is a marvel”

Messi was already running rampant in the youth squad when Kluivert took his leave from FC Barcelona. The Argentinian burst onto the footballing scene just months after the Dutchman left the Club. “The way he plays, the way he scores goals... with one play he can change the game.” Kluivert compares Barça’s number ’10’ with the Messi that plays for Argentina, “Barça plays for Messi but on the other hand when we see him play for his national side, he’s different. When Messi plays for Barça he’s simply marvellous, but with Argentina there are many players that just play for themselves.

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