Pedro greeting Villa in Barça's hotel in Japan / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The messages of support for David Villa, who will be out of action between four to five months due to a broken shinbone in his left leg, have been pouring in. Social media has been the tool of preference for many to send supportive messages to the striker. The Club’s Facebook page, for example, received over 2,000 comments and 20,000 “likes” on the story “Everyone with David Villa” in the first 24 hours after the post went live.

‘Trending Topic’ in Spain

Users also wanted to show their support to the Asturian striker on Twitter. The hanstag #animsVilla was a trending topic in Spain this Thursday. Globally, the hashtag was also the most used at one point during the day.

It wasn’t just supporters and fans that have been showing their support to El Guaje, teammates, fellow footballers, and professional athletes also got in on the act:

Encouragement for el Guaje!!! I’m sure he’ll be back with us soon, his injury is a blow to the team. We will try to dedicate the title to him.

You’ll get well soon Guaje! We are all here for you, friend!

Great work. Congratulations to everyone, especially Adriano, Keita and Max. And a lof of encouragement to David Villa!!

Stay strong Guaje! We’re with you, friend!

We’ve qualified for the final with a bitter taste in our mouths... Be encouraged David, we’re with you!!

He’s a strong man and he’ll come out of this one. Be encouraged, David!

Unfortunately this can’t be a happy night because of Guaje’s injury. We hope we can dedicate the title to him! Lost of encouragement Guaje!!


@llorentefer19 (Llorente)
GUAJE!! We all love you and we are with you, I’m sure you’ll be well soon. STAY STRONG, CHAMP

I want to encourage David Villa, football and all of us that love you wish you a speedy recovery.

@aguerosergiokun (‘El Kun’ Aguero)
I wish him the best possible recovery. Return to the field soon, Guaje!

@BoKrkic (Bojan Krkic)
I’m very sad because of Villa’s injury, he is a reference for me and he’s a great person. You’ll return soon, and stronger than ever! A big hug from Rome.

@Jeffren17_SCP (Jeffren Suarez)
Encouragement David7 (Guaje)

@PauGasol (Pau Gasol, LA Lakers player)
Villa’s injury is very bad news, a strong hug and speedy recovery my friend!

@raton73 (Roberto Ayala)
A big hug for El Guaje, football awaits your quick return

@juanmata10 (Juan Mata)
You still have a lot of goals to score Picho... You’re a phenomenon and you will continue to be one, you’ll be back soon. A huge hug.

@SergioRamos (Sergio Ramos)
Serious injury to my national side teammate, David Villa. Lost of encouragement and strength ‘Guaje’. Return soon, you’re an amazing player!!

I’m sorry for the injury. I wish Villa a speedy recovery.

All the luck in the world to David Villa. I hope you return soon, Spain needs you.

We all lament Villa’s injury, all my affection goes out to him

Lost of encouragement for my countryman, Villa. Get well soon and keep on making us enjoy the sport. A big hug

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