Leo Messi is only five goals away from equalising the Club’s all-time top goalscorer record set by César (235 goals in official matches). Despite being on the verge of reaching this historic milestone, the Argentine is calm and composed, “I’m not setting any deadlines to do it,” he said. Having the ball at his feet makes him happy, he simply doesn’t focus on anything else: “I don’t play to be the best footballer of all time. I play to do things well. First, I play for my team, then for the people and then for myself,” said Barça’s Nº 10. He added, “I feel good when things work out.”

Messi has scored seven goals in four days, five against Bayer 04 Leverkusen and two against Racing Santander. His five-goal performance against the Germans earned him worldwide praise from press and football players alike. “It’s a beautiful thing that colleagues from other clubs talk about me in this manner. From here, I thank them,” said Messi.

“Guardiola is more important than me”

When the Argentine was asked who the most important figure was for the first team, himself or Guardiola, the player was clear: “Guardiola is more important than I am for Barça. From the moment he arrived he changed everything for us. He’s won everything that he’s won. For me Guardiola has been fundamental in this FC Barcelona project.”

Messi also talked about the manager’s possible contract extension. “We want Guardiola to continue for everyone’s good. It would be very difficult to find another manager that can accomplish what he has, what he’s won and how he’s made this team play.”

Continue with a winning mentality

Messi knows that it will be very difficult to overturn the 10-point advantage that Real Madrid currently have over Barça, but the player believes that the team needs to remain ambitious until the end of the season: “we have to try and win all the games we have left. There are still important things to play for. For our good, we have to continue with this mentality.”

The player said that all this talk about referees “has hurt everybody.” He went on to say that the reason Barça has won so many titles is because the team earned them. “We’ve been recognised as the best team in the world, and for some people, the best team in the history of the sport.”

Messi's solidarity

Leo Messi made these statements during the unveiling of a project that aims to renovate the multi-sport facility in Barcelona’s Bon Pastor neighborhood. The project is sponsored by his foundation and EA Sports. The Argentinian is pleased to be working for “children that need it the most.”

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