José Manuel Pinto on 'El Marcador' / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ (FCB)

José Manuel Pinto was the featured guest on El Marcador after the convincing victory over Osasuna (4-0) that leaves the Azulgranas one step closer to the quarter-finals. The Andalusian keeper, however, was prudent on the team’s chances: “It’s a good result but we always have to have our feet on the ground. We know what football can be like and we don’t want any surprises.

He only needs to sign

Pinto, who put in another solid performance last night, has been the focus of attention this week after news of his contract renewal went public. The Club’s reserve keeper confirmed that he would be staying one more year in Barcelona. “I only need to sign, it’s almost symbolic at this point, because both sides are in agreement and we’ve given our word. I’m very pleased because, since I’ve been here, I’ve been very happy,” Pinto said.

The backup keeper, who takes to the pitch for Cup matches, explained that he feels the love from the supporters and that he doesn’t feel questioned: “Seeing that I renew year after year, it’s normal to hear about other keepers. On the first day I said I was coming to stay and in the end that’s true.” Guardiola has always put his confidence in Pinto and the keeper is appreciative: “It’s an honour every time he talks about me. It’s the reward for the work I put in, my dedication, for the commitment I’ve shown the team since I stated with the Club.”

Pinto believes Guardiola will stay

Pinto, with his contract extension, will remain part of Guardiola’s history-making side next year. “All the players have hope, and it’s important that you never lose it, that’s what continues to give us ambition and keeps us competitive. We never get tired of winning and we never want to get tired of it,” said Pinto when asked about the secret to playing for this FC Barcelona team. The Andalusian explained another reason behind the team’s success, Pep Guardiola: “all the players want him to stay because his philosophy has infected us and we believe in him.”

Pinto also had words for Messi, saying that he has “never seen anything like” the Argentinean and was visibly pleased for both the Barça players shortlisted for the Ballon d’Or: “it’s an honour for the whole team. It doesn’t matter who wins, I’ll feel a part of this Ballon d’Or. We all, one way or another, help this team. They wouldn’t do the things they do without us, nor us without them.”

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