Pep Guardiola and Diego Pablo Simeone, this Sunday, will transport their battles from the pitch to the benches. The current Barça and Athletico Madrid managers met six times in the league as players, between 1993 and 1997. Against 'Cholo', Guardiola won his fourth League Title and scored his first goal in the Championship.

The night that Djukic missed his penalty

The first two Simeone - Guardiola battles were games against Sevilla, and ended with two goalless draws (1992/93 and 1993/94). The third meeting on 15th May 1994, could only be dreamed about: Barça were playing for the League Title against the Andalusians on the last day. They had to win and hope for Deportivo to slip up against Valencia. It happened. The Barça victory, combined with the draw in Galicia, where Djukic missed a penalty in injury time, gave the Dream Team their fourth consecutive League Title. That was the last game for Simeone at Sevilla. A goodbye with a goal included.

Right in the top corner

Simeone's next destination was Athletico Madrid. In 1995, in one of those crazy games between Barça and Athletico, Pep Guardiola scored his first goal in the League in a 4-3 win. It was a fantastic goal, with his left foot, right into the top corner. The last two games between them were in the 1996/97 season and were full of goals: 3-3 at the Camp Nou and 2-5 at the Vicente Calderon. Guardiola, a great organiser, and Simeone, the lungs of the team, will meet again fifteen years later on Sunday. Now, however, they'll greet each other from the bench.

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