Josep Guardiola was given an emotional farewell this Saturday after his last match as FC Barcelona's manager at the Camp Nou. After saying that he’s “very pleased and grateful,” the manager noted the importance of recognising the work “of the people that have been at the Club.” Guardiola said that “this is a bond that lasts forever,” just before thanking the institution “for everything.

“When you see the stadium packed to the brim, the only thing you can do is be satisfied. I’ve very pleased and grateful for the way I’ve been treated this whole time, it’s a bond I have with the Club that will last forever,” he said. The Barça manager also praised his players: “it’s not easy to leave these players, this team. I will always carry them inside of me, from the first to the last. All the players that I’ve had have helped me be a better manager, and that’s what I’m leaving with. I’ve received a lot of love, and they know that I love them a lot.”

The importance of the youth system

He also talked about the youngsters in Barça’s youth system that reinforced the first team this season: “they contributed and they helped us a lot. It’s never easy, but all of them have been up to the task. We’ve scored a lot of goals this season, and we conceded very few. It’s clear that they’ve all done their part.”

When asked if he thought Messi, who scored four goals tonight and took his La Liga goal tally to 50, was the focus of tonight’s match instead of him, a smiling Guardiola said: “Leo has captured the limelight all season, I can’t be jealous. Expect him to keep on doing it in the future. I’ve tried to help him as much as I can, and he’s helped me improve and become a recognisable manager.”

An emotional celebration

The Argentine decided to celebrate his fourth goal by hugging Guardiola, a gesture was repeated by all of the players. The manager said that he’s “very pleased with these gestures,” and that he’s “very happy to have been part of this Club.” He added, “I’m grateful to Leo for the gesture. I’ve received a lot of love from the players this whole time, within the demands that unite us. I love them a lot and that’s what we have left.”

“Let’s let life make its own path”

Guardiola was very clear when he was asked if he’s thought about returning to FC Barcelona: “I haven’t left yet and you’re already asking me when I’ll come back. Let’s let life make its own path, and I’ll make mine. I haven’t thought about anything right now. I want to be absolutely anonymous and regain my desire to keep on managing.”

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