Josep Guardiola at La Romareda / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Josep Guardiola said that he anticipated a tough match against Zaragoza in the post-game press conference. “We knew how difficult this game was going to be. This past month Zaragoza have shown that they have a lot of intensity and fortitude. It was extremely difficult and complicated. I'm very proud of our victory,” said Guardiola.

Bad pitch conditions affect us all

The Barça manager considers that today’s win is especially meritorious considering the poor condition of the pitch. “This isn’t basketball or handball, where the court is always the same and the ball bounces no matter what. We depend on the condition of the pitch,” explained Guardiola. The manager went on to say that “we have to adapt and not complain. This is done [maintaining poor pitch conditions] to gain an advantage over us, but it affects us all.”

Alexis, decisive; Pedro back on form

Guardiola highlighted Alexis’ 90-minute performance. “He was decisive in all of his plays.” He also talked about Pedro, who found the back of the net after three months without scoring. “He’s had a difficult year because of his injuries, but for the past month he’s been gaining form. We’re very pleased with Pedro because he never gives up. This [goal] will encourage him.”

Alves, to undergo medical tests

Dani Alves was substituted in the second half due to thigh problems in his left leg. The player will undergo medical tests this Sunday to determine the extent of the injury.

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