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1948: Barça 6  Sevilla 0

It was matchday 22 of the 1947/48 season, with the competition immersed in an exciting duel between Barça and Valencia. That day the Barcelona team, coached by Uruguayan manager Enrique Fernandez, defeated Sevilla in Les Corts , 6-0, with goals from Cesar (3), Florencio (2) and Gonzalvo III. Velasco, Elias, Curta, Gonzalvo III, Calvet, Gonzalvo II, Basora, Seguer, Cesar, Florencio, and Valle made up a far superior Barça outfit who were already 5-0 up at half-time. In the end, the League Title went to Barca with 37 points, three more than Valencia.

1976: Racing 2 Barca 1

Things were very different 28 years later. Then they played the 24th matchday of the season 1975/76 and Barça went behind in the title fight, falling five points behind Real Madrid and four behind Athletico Madrid, when they lost in the Sardinero, 2-1. That February 29th the German manager Hennes Weisweiler lined up with Mora, Tome (De la Cruz, 25), Miguel, Albaladejo, Costas, Corominas, Rexach, Sotil, Cruyff, Asensi, and Mir. With Neeskens and Marcial out, the team fell to an enthusiastic Racing side who went ahead with goals from Zuviría (who one year later signed for Barça) and Aitor Aguirre. Mir, one minute from the end, cut the lead. The League was won by Real Madrid, with Barça runner-up, five points behind.

1992: Oviedo 0 Barca 2

16 years went by and Barça were playing in the Dream Team era, that team under the management of Johan Cruyff which dazzled everyone with its fantastic offensive game. However, in that League season 1991/92 Barça hadn't started well and Real Madrid had taken a lead of eight points in a competition in which wins were worth only two points. The comeback by Barça, however, meant that after that matchday 24 Madrid were only a point ahead of Cruyff's team, who did their homework and beat Oviedo away by 2-0. Zubizarreta, Nando, Nadal, Koeman, Juan Carlos, Bakero (Begiristain, 75), Goikoetxea, Laudrup, Stoichkov (Witschge, 80), Amor and Eusebio made up the team that took away the victory, thanks to goals from Laudrup and Stoichkov. The end of that season was extremely exciting, when Barça won the Title on the final day, beating Athletic Bilbao (2-0), combined with the defeat of Real Madrid in Tenerife (3-2).

2004: Deportivo 2 Barça 3

In the League season 2003/04, the first of the Rijkaard era, Barça started very poorly once again, which led to Real Madrid having an18 point lead. That was when Ronaldinho and company staged an incredible comeback although it didn't help them to win the title (Valencia were Champions, five points ahead of Barça in second place), with Madrid 2 points further back. That February 29th was matchday 26 and Barça won their sixth consecutive match away at Deportivo. Rijkaard lined up with Valdes, Reiziger, Puyol, Oleguer, Van Bronckhorst, Xavi, Cocu (Gerard, 65), Davids (Motta, 46), Luis Garcia (Gabri, 69), Ronaldinho, and Saviola. It was a very exciting match, because whilst Barça went ahead with goals from Ronaldinho and Saviola, then Ronaldinho again, two quick goals from "The Rifle", Pandiani, made it very close until the end. After that match, Barça were still 13 points behind Real Madrid, 5 behind Valencia, and four behind Deportivo. Nobody expected that Real Madrid would be overtaken, but it happened.

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