The president and the managers toast to 2012 / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Evaluation of 2011

Barça Regal

Xavi Pascual: “I believe the team in 2011 has been extraordinary. We won the King’s Cup, the ACB League, the Catalan League and the Super Cup. We’re leaders of the Endesa League and we’re first in our Euroleague group. We’re at a good athletic level and that’s thanks to my players and the whole team.”

Víctor Sada: “Personally I can’t complain. With Barça Regal we’ve won almost everything and I won the gold medal with the Spanish national team in the European Championship. I only hope that every year is as successful as this one. It’ll be a good sign for all the Culés.”

Barça Intersport

Xavi Pascual: “It was a magnificent year for us. We won two of the most important titles in the world for handball, the League and the Champions League, and we did it with our style, enjoying our work.”

Laszlo Nagy: “It was an excellent year. It was the confirmation, by way of winning big titles, of the work we had put in. We’re on a good trajectory in the second part of the season as well.”

Barça Alusport

Marc Carmona: “It has been an incredible year, the best in the history of Barcelona. A lot of people worked very hard to accomplish the goals that we achieved throughout 2011. This is a prize for all of them.”

Javi Rodríguez: “It’s been a complete year. We were able to win all the competitions that we played in and I believe, in terms of the sport, it’s impossible to ask for anything more.”

Barça Roller Hockey

Gaby Cairo: “The attitude of the people and the players is optimal. We started with good results. We won the Spanish Super Cup and we’ve regained the top spot in the OK League. It’s also worth mentioning that each time we play more people come to watch us at the Palau Blaugrana.”

Beto Borregán: “Little by little we’re learning the system that the manager wants us to use. The two new players are adjusting very quickly to the group, and the fact that we won the Spanish Super Cup gives us tranquility.”

Hopes and goals for 2012

Barça Regal

Xavi Pascual: “I’d like it if the supporters were always proud of our work and that they would be with us in each game. For health. It’s the most important thing in life and we don’t remember that until we’re forced to.”

Víctor Sada: “Health and that FC Barcelona continues to be the best club in the world.”

Barça Intersport

Xavi Pascual: “I hope the new year brings us the recompense that we deserve after the hard work we’ve put in.”

Laszlo Nagy: “I hope we keep on the same form that we’ve shown up until now and that we have health and luck so that people can enjoy our play.”

Barça Alusport

Marc Carmona: “My wish is to continue the work and maintain the level of play we’ve shown in 2011.”

Javi Rodríguez: “Health and that we can avoid injuries. Also, to have the capacity to continue our work and the intensity shown up until now. I’m sure it’ll take us to success.”

Barça Roller Hockey

Gaby Cairo: “I wish for the same form that we’ve shown in 2011. To improve in the European League, where we’ve drawn twice. It’s also very important that none of the players pick up injuries.”

Beto Borregán: “I hope for a year full of titles, because the team needs it. We must win the League and the European League. Also, I hope for a year of good health for all the sections and for the whole Club.”

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