Cesc talks the FCBJuniors / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Cesc Fàbregas has been a FC Barcelona player for almost seven months and during this time he has claimed three titles - Spanish and European Super Cups and the Club World Cup. In fact, Cesc played one of his best games for Barça in the Club World Cup final. In an interview on the young Barça member website, FCBJunior, Cesc said that he really enjoyed playing in the game against Santos (0-4): “it’s difficult to pick one game, but of the recent ones, I’d have to pick the Club World Cup final, I had a blast.”

“I’m learning a lot”

The midfielder touched on what it’s like to be part of Barça again: “I’m learning a lot and enjoying the football that’s played here, I really like to compete and we compete until the end.” Cesc explained that the difference between FC Barcelona and other clubs is that “the team is always obligated win, while that’s not necessary for other clubs.”

Wegner, Borrell and Guardiola

“Arène Wegner is the person that has taught me the most about football, and in the youth levels it was Rodolf Borrell, my manager when I was an Alevín (U12). Also Pep, he pushed for my return,” said Cesc when asked about what managers have helped him the most throughout his career. The player also said that “my happiest day was when I returned to Barça, while my saddest was when I left Arsenal.”

Throughout the interview, Cesc also talked about the 2006 Champions League final in Paris, his time in La Masía with Piqué and Messi, and how he balanced academics and football. The interview can be viewed in its entirety at www.fcbjunior.cat

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