Pep Guardiola / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB


The side managed by Josep Guradiola is in Prague, where they will face their hosts Viktoria Plzen in the fourth match-day of the Champions League group stage. A foggy Prague received the raining European champions, with a forcast high of 10 degrees and a low of 3. It was an early day for the Catalan team, the expedition gathered at the Camp Nou at 9.30 h. The plane’s departure was a bit delayed, but taxied to the runway a little after the original flight time (10.30 h).

The 21 players and the rest of the Barcelona expedition members are accompanied by FC Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell. Other travelers of note to Prague are the Boad of Director members Eduard Coll and Ramon Cierco, and Professional Football Director, Andoni Zubizarreta. The plane also carries 50 fans.

Afternoon practice

Once in Prague, the Barça expedition will go directly to the team hotel, where they will stay until the scheduled time for departure for Eden Stadium. At 18.15h shortly before Barça’s training session at 19h, Joseph Guardiola and Gerard Piqué will hold a press conference.

The team will not return to Barcelona until the day after the game against Viktoria Plzen, Wednesday at 11 h. The flight from Prague should arrive in the Catalonia at 13.30 h.

Dinar de directives

Dimarts, a les 13 h, tindrà lloc el tradicional dinar entre els representants de les directives del Viktoria Pilsen i del FC Barcelona. La trobada se celebrarà al restaurant Céleste.

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