Before setting off for Prague, where the team will play its fourth Champions League fixture, Andoni Zubizarreta spoke about the importance of getting a good result at the Eden Stadium: "Before the group stage, the main aim is to qualify. The second is to finish top, but the most important thing is to qualify and go into the hat for the second round. So, a win will mean we can relax a little".

Getting on the map

Zubizarreta warned that the game won't be as easy as people are saying. "The crowd generates a lot of pressure. And the opposition have a challenge, because beating Barça is a way of putting themselves on the map. Viktoria showed that they are not a team that shows fear. They take risks, they look for the opposition's goal and try hard. We had a lot of chances at the Camp Nou, but that didn't scare them much either" he remembered.

No doubting Messi

On Leo Messi, who scored a hat-trick in last Saturday's 5-0 win, Zubizarreta said "His value and talent shouldn't be doubted. If we look at things in terms of mistakes, he's the man who makes the fewest in world football right now".

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