Dani Alves during the game against Màlaga /PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Barça beat Málaga 4-1 in the second to last mach at the Camp Nou this season. “The result, because of the chances we created and our play, is fair,” said Iniesta. This result, according to Alves, is due “to the continuous work and humility of the team.” Despite the fact that Barça were not able to win the Liga this year, the defender believes that the team must continue “along the same path” and with the “same eagerness.” Iniesta added, “the challenge is to keep on winning and maintaining good morale going into the Cup final.”

Guardiola, Messi and the supporters, tonight’s protagonists

The players praised Guardiola after the manager announced his decision to leave the Club at the end of the season. “The people love him and they have a special appreciation for him. We hope that we’ll be content after our last match at the stadium,” said Iniesta. Alves, who agrees with his teammate, is pleased because the supporters “give Guardiola the recognition that he deserves” by chanting his name. Alves went on to say that the team “want to return all the love that the fans have given us.” On Messi, who scored another hat-trick tonight, Iniesta said that the most important thing is that “he’s wel. The midfielder is convinced that “this doesn’t end here.”

Here are some statements made by FC Barcelona players after the match:


“Leo is a genius, he bests himself everyday, every match. We’re lucky to have him in the team because he’s a machine.

“Pep has given everything to the Club. He’s won a lot of titles. It’s a source of pride for the supporters and to Club to have him. Thanks you, Pep.”


“We’re hurt that Pep will leave, we all thought he was going to stay. But when we found out that Tito was going to manage us, we were happy, because the commitment to the youth system will continue.

“I’m very eager to play. I try to work as hard as I can all year to have more minutes on the pitch, take advantage of the ones I’m given and help the team win. I’ll try to have more playing time during the preseason, being in the first team is a dream I’ve had ever since I was a child.”


“I’ve recovered from my injury. I haven’t played for six months and coming back is indescribable. I’m very eager to keep on playing.

“It’s a shame because, for me, he’s one of the best managers in the world, besides he’s a great person. I understand his decision because Barça are a very big Club and it drains you. Tito will be very similar to Guardiola.”


“I’m very pleased with today’s win. I dedicated my goal to my best friend Javi. Good night.”

Training session this Thursday

Barça will train at 11:00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Sant Joan Despí. Pedro will hold a post-training press conference.

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