On the pitch, Alexis Sánchez is one the Barça’s stand-out players this season. In an interview with the Club’s official communication service during a promotional event, the Chilean showed his most personal side. He’s humble, honest, self-demanding and ambitious, he’s also convinced that his best days as an Azulgrana are ahead of him.

How’s your life in Barcelona? How have you adapted to the city?

“The sea is what I like the most. I haven’t had much of a chance to see much, however, it’s a beautiful city. I had the chance to visit in 2007 and it’s beautiful.”

Do you remember when you were told of Barça’s interest in you?

“Yes, my representative told me and I was very pleased. I didn’t want to get excited, because they always tell you that it’s going to happen and in the end it doesn’t work out. I wasn’t calm about it until I signed the contract, and while I was signing I wasn’t aware that I actually became a Barça player. It hit me when I played my first game.”

The Chileans Carlos Caszely, Patricio Yáñez, Iván Zamorano all had a big impact on La Liga... Will you be the next successful Chilean footballer in Spain?

“I only just started my career and I have to keep on improving and learning football.”

What are the differences between La Liga and Serie A?

“The style in Italy is more defensive. When I received the ball I’d have three men marking me, the defence was closer. It’s a little like how everyone plays their games against Barça here, but playing here is a beautiful thing for a footballer.”

What do you think it will be like to reunite with Marcelo Bielsa in the Cup final?

“It’ll be complicated. Athletic Club have a very, very demanding manager, he notices all the details of the teams he comes up against. We’ll have to play at 150%.”

What has been your best game for the team so far?

“I haven’t finished a game where I say to myself ‘I played well today.’ I’m not at my best level, I know I can give more of myself. I didn’t want the last game to end, I really wanted to score, play better... I’m never satisfied.”

Do you know that you’re one of the most sought-after players in press conferences thanks to the Chilean journalists?

“Yes, my teammates come into the dressing room and tell me ‘the Chileans are everywhere! They don’t miss a thing! They are the only ones that ask questions!’ It makes me laugh and we have a good time with it all.”

What player from La Liga has surprised you the most?

“Cristian Tello, he’s an amazing player. I love how he plays.”

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