It’s sure to be a long time before there’s another tie like the one Barça ended up losing against the Londoners. The stats from the two legs show an enormous difference between the two teams - with the only stat that really counts of course – the goals – favouring Chelsea. Di Matteo’s team scored three times from four chances over the 180 minutes, whilst Barça scored twice from 11 chances on target. The total number of shots made by both teams was 46 from Barça (24 in London and 22 in the second leg) and just 12 from Chelsea (5 and 7).

73% possession over both games

The possession stats tell a similar story, with Barça enjoying 73% over both matches, completing 1,537 passes (782 in the first leg and 755 in the second), which was nearly five times more than Chelsea’s 329 (194 and135). In the end though, that just wasn’t enough – and neither was the corner count: 18 against 2 over the whole tie.

Passes: Xavi matches the whole Chelsea team

There’s no better example of Barça’s impotence than the number of passes Xavi managed to complete - a total of 295 - just 34 less than the whole Chelsea team – even though he sat out the last few minutes at Stamford Bridge when the team were laying siege to the Chelsea goal. On Tuesday, Xavi completed 168 passes, against the 135 that Chelsea made.

One more astonishing stat that shows just what an amazing tie this was: Chelsea’s three goals all came in injury time – in the first half at Stamford Bridge and in both halves at the Camp Nou.

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