Gabri during a training session with the U19 team | VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

The FC Barcelona U19 team is back in the UEFA Youth League, which means they’ll face the same group fixtures as the senior team, namely against Manchester City, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Celtic FC. Head coach Gabri Garcia reacted to the draw with the following comments:

“We tend to get very difficult opponents in these groups, but that’s the way it is. These are some top quality teams. We have a good idea about Man City from tournaments they’ve played in recently, and we can assume that Celtic will be tough, physical team.”

“The team we know the least is Borussia. They’re German, like Bayer who we got last year, and that gives us some idea of what we are up against – a physical team with very clear ideas about what they need to do.”

“It’s always nice to get off to a winning start. Getting the first three points always settles you more, but any of these teams could make things difficult for us.”

“The players always feel more motivated when they play against top level teams, because of the age they are and the stage that they’re at.”

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