Marc Cardona, Aleñá and Cucurella celebrate | MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

FC Barcelona B took a big step towards promotion on Sunday at Sardinero with a 4-1 away win against Racing Santander.

The match did not start as planned for the Catalans, as a defensive error allowed Abdón Prats to put the hosts ahead (1-0, min 15).

The goal, however, sparked Barça to life and, five minutes before the break, Marc Cardona levelled things up. But the visitors were not done just there, as they went ahead just three minutes later through the same player, benefitting from a fine Gumbau cross to make it 2-1. 

Barça's confidence was high in the second half, and that resulted in a further goal for the visitors through Dani Romera on 66 minutes, to give his side a healthy 3-1 lead.

On 70 minuts came a major point in the match when Racing were awarded a spot-kick. However, Suárez made a great stop to deny Aquino. That save became even more valuable as, ten minutes, later, Barça added another to make it 4-1 and wrap up a big first leg win.


Racing, 1
Barça B, 4

Racing: Iván Crespo, Gámbara, Llorca, Santamaría (Carlos Álvarez, min 89), Castañeda, Granero (Álvaro Peña, min 82), Beobide, Santi Jara, Héber Pena (César Díaz, min 82), Abdón Prats and Aquino.

Barça B: Suárez, Palencia, Cucurella, Fali (Sarsanedas, min 68), Marlon, Martínez (Borja López, min 46), Alfaro (Perea, min 73), Aleñá, Dani Romera, Gumbau and Marc Cardona.

Goals: 1-0, Abdón Prats (min 15). 1-1, Marc Cardona (min 40). 1-2, Marc Cardona (min 43). 1-3, Dani Romera (min 66). 1-4, Dani Romera (min 81).

Referee: Galech Apezteguía.

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