Barça B’s good run of form continues. After the win in Lleida last week, the Miniestadi witnessed a fine 4-0 defeat of Hospitalet on Saturday that reasserts the team’s place at the top of the Division 2B table.

Gerard López’s side dominated the ball and posted an absolutely stellar all-round performance, while cancelling out almost any chances for a visiting side that fielded a tightly-packed five-man defence.

With youth player Marc Cucurella given his first ever start for the reserves, and with the omnipresent Jesús Alfaro creating all kinds of trouble, the deadlock was finally broken when Gumbau converted from the penalty spot.

Despite the lead, the visiting defence proved hard to break down, and it took a set piece for Barça B to find the net again, Borja López delivering the free-kick to score his first goal for the team. The goal of the day came shortly before the break, Jesús Alfaro beating three opponents before powering home Barça’s third.

The second half was little more than a formality, but Barça B refused to relax more than necessary. It was substitute Xemi who claimed the fourth, following a fine solo run from Perea and a splendid assist from Alfaro.

And there could have been more, but although there was no further score, this was a very convincing performance indeed from a side that’s still riding nice and high at the top of the table.

Match stats

Barça B, 4

L’Hospitalet, 0

Barça B: José Suárez, Palencia, Cucurella, Sarsanedas, Borja López, Martínez, Carbonell (Xemi, min 45), Gumbau, Marc (Mujica, min 57), Perea (Paik, min 74) & Alfaro.

L’Hospitalet: David, Dani Fernández, Jordi, Javi Selvas, Ciria, Zamora, Lucas Porcar (Teo, min 45), Juste, Walker (J. Inés, min 45), Salinas & Rubio (Tabala, min 64).

Goals: Gumbau, de penal 1-0 (min 16); Borja López 2-0 (min 33); Alfaro 3-0 (min 38); Xemi 4-0 (min 56).

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