Juste, centre, started against Alavés. / VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB.

FCB B, 0

FCB B: Suárez, Patric, Ié (Grimaldo, 68'), Samper, Adama (Joan Roman, 88'), Munir, Bagnack, Cámara (Bicho, 80'), Sandro, Diagne and Juste.

Deportivo Alavés: Manu, Raúl, Rafa (Juanma, 70'), Laguardia, Toti (Manu, 81'), Ion Vélez (Barreiro, 86'), Lanzarote, Sangalli, Toribio, Jaro and Beobide.

Attendance: 2,131

Barça B and Alavés fought to a scoreless draw on Saturday evening at the Miniestadi in the debut of new head coach Jordi Vinyals. His squad gave everything they had to break a string of disappointing results. Unfortunately, they couldn't create enough scoring chances and had to settle for a point, although it will surely add some much-needed confidence.

One could see Vinyals's hand at work in a slightly reconfigured Barça B. Captain Sergio Juste played his first game as a starter in three seasons and Patric moved inside after a long time on the wing. In addition, the new coach brought back into the starting line up severalplayers absent in recent weeks such as Bagnack, Samper and Adama. Not a bad start.

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