El Barça B have already played matches against teams from Asia this season / VICTOR SALGADO-FCB

Barça B will play on 10 June against Avispa Fukuoka at Level 5 Stadium,. The friendly game was announced on Friday at a press conference at the Fukuoka City Council Avispa Fukuoka, founded in 1982, are currently playing in the Second Division of the Japanese League and their stadium, named Level 5, accommodates more than 22,000 spectators. The team currently occupies the tenth position in the standings with a total of 10 points after seven games played.

The game between Barça B and Avispa Fukuoka will be organized by Apamanshop, a chain of real estate agencies and regional sponsor of FC Barcelona in Japan since November 2014. The event will be organised and implemented by the Club’s office in Hong Kong, which was established in 2013.

Presentation event at the Fukuoka City Council

Participating in the event were the Mayor of Fukuoka, Mr. Takashima, Deputy Mayor Mr. Sadakari, as well as Avispa Fukuoka president and managing director of Apamanshop, regional club sponsor and the organizer of the friendly, Mr. Kawamori, among others. FC Barcelona was represented by CEO Ignacio Mestre, Marketing Director Laurent Colette, and Xavier Asensi, the Club’s Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific region.

Beforehand, the team's delegation was received by the Mayor of Fukuoka, Soichiro Takashima, who wanted to welcome the representatives of the Club to Fukuoka. The mayor thanked them for their presence on behalf of the Japanese city. "This friendly is like a Christmas gift for us," he said, adding that for Fukuoka "it’s an honour to host the best football club in the world," and that the match will "celebrate the 20th birthday of Avispa Fukuoka."

 Mestre thanked Fukuoka for their hospitality for being able to share this day with the Mayor, Apamanshop and the other attendees. He also stressed that the Club has had an FCB Escola in Fukuoka, Japan since 2009, where "more than 300 children are taught to play football with the values, philosophy, and methodology of FC Barcelona." Finally, on behalf of the Club, Mestre expressed his enthusiasm for the friendly match to be held next June in Fukuoka.

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