Barça B lost at home to Guadalajara / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Barça B lost at the Miniestadi to Guadalajara by the slimmest of margins (0-1). The men led by Eusebio Sacristán were unable to find a way through the defence of the visiting team, which proved fatal when Kepa scored the go-ahead goal in the second half. Throughout the 90 minutes, the Blaugrana didn’t get a shot off on goal, and Guadalajara’s excellent defence and their accuracy in front of goal decided the fate of the three points up for grabs. This was Barça B’s third defeat at the Miniestadi.


Barça B, 0
CD Guadalajara, 1

Barça B: Masip, Balliu, Lombán, Planas, Grimaldo (Joan Roman, min 83), Gus Ledes, Espinosa (Dongou, min 71), Luis Alberto, Kiko Femenía (Deulofeu, min 61), Lobato and Araujo.

CD Guadalajara: Razak, Aitor, Álex Ortiz, Barral, César, Jony, Cristian (Álex García, min 88), Vicente, Jon Erice (Gerard Badia, min 90), Álvaro and Azkorra (Kepa, min 71).

Goal: 0-1, Kepa, min 78.

Referee: Vicandi Garrido, Hernández Hernández and Villate Martínez.

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