Camp Nou Panorama (hq)
VIP Football
The best place to be
The best seats in the stadium
Exclusive access to the VIP lounge
High quality catering service


Choose the services that will allow you to enjoy your VIP experience even more.


To buy an experience, you need to have a match ticket.



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Star Pass
With the Star Pass experience, you will be able to attend exclusively the FC Barcelona players entrance to the Spotify Camp Nou facilities. Very limited units.
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VIP Parking
If you are someone who prefers getting to the stadium with their own car, we provide the opportunity to acquire a parking place for a given match. We will find you a private parking area of the Spotify Camp Nou closest to your seats.
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Transfer Pass
Get the best transfer service and enjoy a door-to-door trip within the Barcelona metropolitan area.
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Champagne Experience
Celebrate a special moment in your box or VIP room with an exclusive bottle of Champagne and some delicious Barça macarons. IMPORTANT: It is essential to have a VIP ticket for the game to be able to purchase a Champagne Experience
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Personal Service
A very special evening with a personalized chauffeur and hostess service. They will pick you up from the indicated address and accompany you to the Spotify Camp Nou. The hostess will guide you to your seats and will be available throughout your stay. At the end of the game, the chauffeur will escort you to your desired address. PRICE FROM 395€ FOR UP TO 7 PAX
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Special Day
Personalized chauffer and hostess service plus a guided tour of the Museum alongside an official club guide in order to experience the magic of FC Barcelona. The hostess will guide you to your seats and will be available throughout your stay. Once the match has finished, a chauffeur will be at your disposal. PRICE FROM 975€ FOR UP TO 7 PAX
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Premium Experience
Your experience in the stadium will be made even more special with a personalized chauffeur and hostess service, a guided visit of the Museum to get to know FC Barcelona like never before and a gift in the form of a team jersey. And to end the special day, you will have a chauffeur available to go wherever you like. PRICE FROM 1.700€ FOR UP TO 7 PEOPLE
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Merchandising Generic
Feel the club’s colours with the best gift that you could take away from Barça. We put at your disposal any merchandising products that you want in order to better remember your VIP experience.
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