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Tickets for groups

Barça Futsal: Purchase information for tickets for groups

Information and reservation for standard groups (more than 6 people):

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Special promotion for school age groups and grassroots teams:

If you are looking for tickets to come with a school-age group or U14 teams contact us to purchase your tickets with special conditions:

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Conditions of the promotion for school age groups and U14 teams:

If you are a group of at least 15 children under 14 you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free admission* for children under 14.
  • One free companion * for every 5 children (It is essential to add 1 person in charge for every 5 children to be able to take part in this promotion).
  • Promotion valid for all matches except A + and A ++ matches.

* Management fees of € 1.75 / ticket.

Seat location:

Your seats will be located in Zone 3 Inferior, intended for entertainment groups and a youth zone.

We will distribute the groups 6 by 6 assuming that they are coexistence bubble groups and / or family units.

During the ticket request procedure, FC Barcelona staff will tell you how to make the correct request for the group's distribution in order to comply with current regulations.

COVID - 19 Offside

Check here all the COVID measures to attend the stadium.

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