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Barça Atlètic Tickets

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Group Tickets

  • Are you a group and would like to experience the best BASE FOOTBALL up close?
  • Come to the Johan Cruyff Stadium with your group and enjoy Barça Atlètic!

SCHOOL PACK<br> <br> <FONT SIZE=3>Minimum 12 players, under 18 years old</font>

FC Barcelona


Minimum 12 players, under 18 years old


SCHOOL PACK conditions:

  • You must be a group of at least 12 players under 18 years
  • For every 12 children you will have a free ticket for a coach/responsible
  • Players price with 50% discount and companions from €12
  • Valid for all matches except category A+ i A++ matches
STANDARD GROUPS<br> <br> <FONT SIZE=3>Groups of more than 12 people</font>

FC Barcelona


Groups of more than 12 people



  • Seats together guaranteed in groups of up to 6 people*
  • No administration fees
  • Delivery of tickets to your name at the ticket's office of the Palau Blaugrana
  • Access number 9 of the Spotify Camp Nou for HB, BK and FS
  • Delivery of tickets to your name at the ticket’s office of the Johan Cruyff Stadium for FUTFEM and B.ATL
  • * For groups with less than 12 people you can make two purchases of up to 6 people on our Web

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