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A selfless hard worker, Pascual came to Barça after success with Liceo in the OK League

Matías Pascual became a Barça player on July 10 of 2013. After playing for Argentinian teams like Olimpia Patín Club and SEC, the defender arrived to Europe at the age of 21 and played for HC Coinasa Liceo. With the Galicia-based team, he won the European League (2012) and the OK Liga (2013).

Since his arrival in the summer of 2013, Pascual has won all there is to win and has become a vital part of the squad.

The blaugrana is an Argentina international.


From San Juan in Argentina, a place that along with Mendoza is the home of the sport in the country, Pascual is a hard working player who has adapated well to the OK League. The Argentine is no stranger to finding the net also from his position in defence.

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