Barça Lassa 3-3 Lleida Llista Blava: A point to start the year

Barça Lassa 3-3 Lleida Llista Blava: A point to start the year

Despite leading 2-0 at the break, the roller hockey team have to settle for a draw at the Palau Blaugrana

Despite leading 2-0 at the break, Barça Lassa had to settle for a point in their first game of 2019 as Tuesday’s clash with Lleida Llista Blava with three apiece.

The OK Liga fixture that was originally postponed due to Barça playing in the Intercontinental Cup was a fine encounter, but the blaugrana were unable to carry their A-game from the first half into a much tighter second.

Sergi Panadero, Ignacio Alabart and Pablo Álvarez scored our goals, but solid Lleida defending kept the remaining Barça attacks at bay and the visitors were able to snatch enough goals at the other end to escape from the Palau Blaugrana with a draw.

But Barça Lassa stay top of the OK Liga going into the halfway match of the season, also at the Palau but this time against Alcobendas, on Saturday at 8.00pm CET.



Barça Lassa, 3
Lleida Llista Blava, 3

Barça Lassa: Sergio Fernández, Sergi Panadero, Marc Gual, Pau Bargalló, Pablo Álvarez, Matías Pascual, Nil Roca, Ignacio Alabart & João Rodrigues.

Lleida Llista Blava: Lluís Tomàs, Joan Cañellas, Andreu Tomàs, Roberto Di Benedetto, Xixi Creus, Bruno di Benedetto, César Candanedo & Maxi Oruste.

Goals: 1-0, Sergi Panadero (min 4); 2-0, Ignacio Alabart (min 19); 2-1, Xixi Creus (min 34); 2-2, Bruno Di Benedetto (min 38); 2-3, César Candanedo (2-3); 3-3, Pablo Álvarez (min 44).

Força Barça
Força Barça
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