Barça 8-2 Deportivo Liceo: Big win in the Clàsico

Barça 8-2 Deportivo Liceo: Big win in the Clàsico

The blaugranas get their first win in Europe after João Rodrigues puts on a show in the first half

It's becoming a habit for Barça to score lots of goals in the Clásico. The blaugranes made a great start in Europe by defeating Liceo 8-2. João Rodrigues had a great first half and Eloi Cervera and Miki Escala also made their first team debuts in Europe.

Five minutes to take control

The blaugranes were straight onto the attack and the Galicians tried to keep pace to avoid another 6-0 loss at the Palau like on Saturday. However, an Ignacio Alabart long shot in the fourth minute hit the back of Tiago Rodrígues' goal, and then Marc Grau scored not a minute later to send a warning to the visitors.

Liceo tightened up afterwards and the game became a tussle for a large part of the first half, Sergio Fernández having to prevent the Galicians from scoring. However, Barça's marksman, João Rodrigues, scored two goals in a minute before completing his hat-trick with a penalty four minutes later to send his side in 5-0 up at the break.

Liceo comeback falls short

Xavi Barroso received a blue card in the 28th minute, which allowed Tomás Pereira to score the first for Liceo, before their captain, "Dava" Torres, scored to make it 5-2 just a minute later to worry the home side. However, a penalty save by Sergio Fernández after 35 minutes stemmed the visitors' flow.

Liceo continued to attack, but Barroso made up for his blue card by scoring in the 37th minute to regain control for the blaugranes, before captain Pau Bargalló scored the seventh, and who else but player of the match João Rodrigues scored the final goal in this comprehensive 8-2 win.


Barça, 8.
Deportivo Liceo, 2.

Barça: Sergio Fernández, Ignacio Alabart, Pau Bargalló, Marc Grau, João Rodrigues - starting five - Miki Escala, Xavi Barroso, Sergi Llorca, Eloi Cervera.

Deportivo Liceo: Tiago Rodrígues, "Sito" Ricart, César Carballeira, "Dava" Torres, Pablo Cancela -starting five - Tomas Pereira, Fabrizio Ciocale, Fran Torres.

Goals: 1-0, Ignacio Alabart (min. 4); 2-0, Marc Grau (min. 5); 3-0, João Rodrigues (min. 18); 4-0, João Rodrigues (min. 18); 5-0, João Rodrigues (min. 22); 5-1, Tomas Pereira (min. 28); 5-2, "Dava" Torres (min. 28): 6-2, Xavi Barroso (min. 37); 7-2, Pau Bargalló (min.43); 8-2, João Rodrigues (min. 50).

Referees: Rui Torres and Porfírio Fernandes. Blue card: Eloi Cervera and Fran Torres (min. 17); Xavi Barroso (min. 28).

Força Barça
Força Barça

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