Parlem Calafell 3-5 Barça: Still undefeated

Parlem Calafell 3-5 Barça: Still undefeated

The blaugranes win to remain undefeated in the domestic league with late goals by the in-form Ignacio Alabart clinching victory

A win to start a double game week on the right track, as the FC Barcelona roller hockey team has defeated Parlem Calafell (3-5). A tight game was decided in the final minutes, Ignacio Alabart scoring his third and fourth goals of the game late on to decide the outcome between two previously undefeated sides.

Alabart sets the tone

An early chance saw an Ignacio Alabart free hit saved by Gerard Camps, but the Galician didn't miss after 8 minutes into the top corner, coming after Jepi Selva received the second blue card of the game.

Calafell tightened up in defence after going one behind, which led to fewer chances for the visitors. However, Marc Grau led from the front with a precise assist for Sergi Panadero to make it 0-2 after 18 minutes.

The home side had the chance to cut into the score via a penalty that was saved, but they opened their account at the far post a minute later to make it 1-2 going into the break.

Home side come back, but Alabert wins it

Calafell came out a much more cohesive unit and a Carles Domench hit diverted off Jan Escala to equalise (2-2). Fouls from the home side helped the visitors, though, and the 10th foul saw Ignacio Alabart score a classic free hit (2-3, mín. 35).

Just when it looked like that was enough, Barça also committed their 10th foul, Xaus also scoring from a free hit to set up a tense finale (3-3, min. 43). However, Ignacio Alabart still had more to say in the game, scoring the vital fourth goal almost at the death, before scoring into an empty net to seal a 3-5 win and to maintain the blaugranes' undefeated record in the domestic league.


Parlem Calafell, 3
Barça, 5

Calafell: Gerard Camps, Arnau Xaus, Jordi Ferrer, Jepi Selva and Sergi Miras - starting five - Jan Escala, Carlos Domenech.

Barça: Sergio Fernandez, Alabart, Panadero, Barrosso and Joao Rodrigues - starting five - Sergi Llorca, Marc Grau, Eloi Cervera.

Goals: 0-1, Ignacio Alabart (min. 8); 0-2, Sergi Panadero (min. 18); 1-2, Jordi Ferrer (min. 20); 2-2, Jan Escala (min. 25); 2-3, Ignacio Alabart (min. 35); 3-3, Xaus (min. 43); 3-4, Ignacio Alabart (min. 50); 3-5, Ignacio Alabart (min. 50)

Referees: Jonathan Sanchez and Miguel Díaz. Double blue card for Jepi Selva. Fouls 12-14

Força Barça
Força Barça

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