Barça 14 - 6 Parlem Calafell: Unstoppable

Barça 14 - 6 Parlem Calafell: Unstoppable

Edu Castro's squad earn their fourteenth consecutive win, featuring four goal hauls by Matias Pascual and Joao Rodrigues

Barça's roller hockey team just keeps on winning, now fourteen in a row. This time they won 14 - 6 against Parlem Calafell in the Palau. Goals were scored by Matias Pascual and Joao Rodrigues (both 4), Pau Bargalló (2), and Helder Nunes, Alabart, Nil Roca and Sergi Llorca (all 1).

This game was due to be played on January 8 but had to be postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak among the team from Baix Penedès. There were Parlem OK Liga awards pre-game for Barça: Pau Bargalló and João Rodrigues, MVPs for October-November and December respectively, and Edu Castro and the coaching staff for best coach for December.


Even start before Barça took control

Barça took the lead in just the 1st minute, but Calafell didn't lie down and every time the home side went ahead the away side came back, with the score 3-3 after 20 minutes. A penalty and free kick then started to turn the game in Barça's favour, who went in 5 -3 at the break.

Second half onslaught

Barça came right out of the blocks looking to win the game, going 10-3 up with just 10 minutes to go. The goals continued to flow, however, and there was still time for Rodrigues and Pascual to complete their 4 goal hauls, with the final score 14-6.


Barça, 14

Parlem Calafell, 6

Barça: Egurrola, Matias, Pau Bargalló, Helder Nunes, Joao Rodrigues – starters - Sergi Panadero, Nil Roca, Sergi Llorca, Alabart.

Calafell: Xano Edo, Arnau Xaus, Jan Escala, Humberto Mendes, Sergio Miras – starters - Oriol Palau, Jordi Ferrer, Borja Espinosa, Martí Gabarró.

Goals: 1-0, Matias Pascual (min 1). 1-1, Humberto Mendes (min 6). 2-1, Joao Rodrigues (min 7). 2-2, Sergio Miras (min 13). 3-2, Pau Bargalló (min 19). 3-3, Arnau Xaus (min 20). 4-3, Helder Nunes, de penal (min 22). 5-3, Joao Rodrigues (min 22). 6-3, Matias Pascual (min 27). 7-3, Joao Rodrigues (min 28). 8-3, Matias Pascual (min 32). 9-3, Nil Roca (min 38). 10-3, Pau Bargalló (min 39). 11-3, Joao Rodrigues (min 41). 11-4, Martí Gabarró (min 42). 11-5, Jordi Ferrer (min 44). 12-5, Matias Pascual (min 45). 13-5, Alabart (min 46). 14-5, Sergi Llorca (min 48). 14-6, Arnau Xaus (min 50). 

Referees: Gerard Gorina and Aleix Gorina. Blue for Jan Escala and Sergio Miras from Calafell.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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