Garatge Plana Girona 3 – 5 Barça: Year ends with a win

Garatge Plana Girona 3 – 5 Barça: Year ends with a win

Barça won their twelfth consecutive Liga match as Edu Castro racked up 200 games at the helm

Barça claimed a year-ending win (3-5) after an exciting second half when the home team came back from two goals down to take a 3-2 lead. The visitors still had 10 minutes for a comeback of their own, and Edu Castro's men retook the lead to earn the win, with goals from Helder Nunes, João Rodrigues and Sergi Panadero.

Intense from the off

Girona didn't make things easy for Barça. In Edu Castro's 200th game as Barça coach, the team showed an initial determination to impose themselves on the game by applying pressure upfront, but the home goal stood firm. Sergi Fernández also made some key stops in a hard-fought first half. The deadlock was finally broken with 54 seconds to go to the break by the league's top scorer, João Rodrigues, who made it 0-1.

2021 ends with a win

The second half seemed to be an easier affair, especially when João scored a penalty to make it 20 goals in the Liga and 0-2. The home team responded magnificently, however, with three goals in 7 minutes, featuring a brace from  'Litus' Sánchez, to make it 3-2.

Barça were quick to react, with Helder Nunes equalising a couple of minutes later in the 45th minute. Two rapid-fire goals from Sergi Panadero then closed out a 3-5 victory, ending 2021 with 12 wins in 12 Liga games.


Girona, 3

Barça, 5

Girona: Jaume Llaverola, Moi Aguirre, Gere Rovira, Raul Pelícano i Àlex Grau – five starters -, Marc Vázquez, Biel Nadal, Gerard Pujol and Carles Sánchez.

Barça: Sergi Fernández, Matias Pascual, Sergi Panadero, João Rodrigues i Ignacio Alabart - five starters l- Pau Bargalló, Nil Roca, Sergi Llorca y Helder Nunes.

Goals: 0-1, João Rodrigues (min. 25); 0-2, João Rodrigues (penal) (min. 31); Gerard Pujol (min. 36, 1-2); Litus Sánchez (min. 40, 2-2); Litus Sánchez (min. 43, 3-2); Helder Nunes (min. 45, 3-3); Sergi Panadero (min. 46, 3-4); Sergi Panadero (min. 46. 3-5).

Referees: Erik Rivas Martín y David Pedrola Valls. Yellow cards for Gerard Pujol and Carles Sánchez from the home side, and Sergi Panadero, Helder Nunes and João Rodrigues from the away side. Fouls: 9-6.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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