Barça Lassa - HC Liceo: Leadership strengthened (6-2)

Barça Lassa - HC Liceo: Leadership strengthened (6-2)

A great win over the Galician side sees Barça stay as leaders with a seven-point advantage over their rivals

Barça Lassa's great victory against HC Liceo (6-2) means Edu Castro's side now lead the OK League by seven points. The win was achieved thanks to the goals of Joao Rodrigues (2), Pablo Álvarez (2), Marc Gual and Bargalló, though the game started in the worst possible way for the hosts when Sergi Miras scored after 32 seconds (0-1, minute 1). Barça's reaction was immediate, however, and Joao Rodrigues tucked home the equaliser (1-1, minute 7).

Great combination play between Marc Gual and Rodrigues saw the latter grab a second (2-1, minute 23), and he could've had a hat-trick two minutes later had Malian not saved his penalty. 

Barça don't let up

At the start of the second half, Marc Gual put Barça Lassa further ahead (3-1, minute 30), but a penalty from Miras closed the deficit again (3-2, minute 40). Bargalló quickly restored the two-goal advantage 4-2 (minute 43), Pablo Álvarez made it 5-2 (minute 46), and just a minute later, the same player completed the scoring (6-2, minute 47). 


Barca Lassa, 6
HC Liceo, 2

Barça Lassa: Sergio Fernández, Marc Gual, Pau Bargalló, Sergi Panadero and Joao Rodrigues - starters. Pablo Álvarez, Nil Roca, Ignacio Alabart and Pascual Matias.

HC Liceo: Xavi Malian, Josep Lamas, Dava Torres, Sergi Miras and Edu Lamas - starters. Payero, Di Benedetto, Bridge and Marc Coy.

Goals: 0-1, Sergi Miras (min. 1); 1-1, Joao Rodrigues (min. 7); 2-1, Joao Rodrigues (min. 23); 3-1, Marc Gual (min. 30); 3-2, Sergi Miras (min. 40, penalty); 4-2, Bargalló (min. 43); 5-2, Pablo Álvarez (min.46, missing direct) and 6-2, Pablo Álvarez (min.47).

Officials: Josep Antoni Ribó and David Cantos. Cards: 8-12.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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