Leo Messi: 'We want to win the Champions League again'

Leo Messi: 'We want to win the Champions League again'

The Blaugrana captain reviews Barça's current and his personal situation, and ensures that 'the family is above all else'

Lionel Messi has been interviewed in Marca after the delivery of the fifth Golden Boot to the Blaugrana captain. The Argentinian emphasised the importance of his two great passions: family and football, as well as giving his take on Barça’s current situation, and speaking on subjects such as his family, the establishment, the Champions League and the system which he feels most comfortable playing in. Next, let's look at the most outstanding statements from the Argentine star:

Champions League

"The Champions League is always special for what it means and we would like to win it again. We have that dream."

"It's unique, special, the best thing to be playing for at club level. A totally different competition and we all want to win it."

"I know the PSG players because I follow the French League. Juve are very strong and with Cristiano there, even more so. City play very colourful football. Bayern have risen again. It's very difficult to pick one, because the Champions League is such a beautiful competition."

The League

"Nowadays it’s very difficult to win against anyone. The League is very close and it’s difficult to win."

The Ballon D’Or

"I don’t give it importance, although it’s a very important prize. This season I knew I had no chance of winning it. I heard the names and knew that I wasn’t going to be there. From that moment, I didn’t wait to see if I was third or fourth. I wasn’t surprised because I didn’t expect anything."



The system

"We feel very comfortable with the ball, defending and pushing forward. That’s what we've always done. In the last few games we’ve noticed an improvement and we're still growing in this aspect."

The Barça model

"It’s important to put faith in the boys in the academy and give them opportunities, and they will see that it’s not impossible to make the leap to the first team."

"There are players who have long trained with us and you realise that they’re different. It’s good that the Club once again draws people from the academy and is returning to a model that is important for the squad, and for the entity."


“On the pitch he’s a phenomenon. It’s up to him where he wants to go. He could be the best in the world."

"He has already realised his mistakes and is once again the Dembélé from the beginning, what we all want. I am calm, he’s a very good lad and we will help each other because he focuses on football."

The family

"Once my children were born, the priority has always been my family. They’re the most important thing. I obviously love football and live for it, but the family is above all."

"Thiago is demanding with me. I have already received some criticism on his part (laughs). We always try to comment on what happens after a game."

Força Barça
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