Aspil-Vidal Ribera Navarra 2-3 Barça Lassa: Win to close the year

Aspil-Vidal Ribera Navarra 2-3 Barça Lassa: Win to close the year

The blaugranes were involved in a tense and tight tussle in Tudela, with both teams having chances to win

Barça Lassa began the game with desire and managed to get themselves ahead quickly (0-1, min 3). The visitors managed to resist the first few chances from the hosts and went further ahead through Adolfo in the 10th minute. A swift counterattack saw Pedro García bring the hosts back into the match on 12 and the same player equalised on 36.

Within a minute, Leo Santana scored Barça Lassa’s third, and despite some desperate home pressure in the last few minutes, the blaugranes were able to hold on.


Aspil Vidal Ribera, 2
Barça Lassa, 3

Aspil-Vidal Ribera: Gus, David Pazos, Sergio Sierra, Sergio Gonzalez, Lucas Tripodi - starters - Alejandro Lemine, Javier Mínguez, Pedro García, Daniel Mesa, Ferran Plana, Sergi Cuxart, David Garcia.

Barça Lassa: Dídac, Aicardo, Dyego, Adolfo, Esquerdinha - starters - Roger, Leo Santana, Sergio Lozano, Ferrao, Juanjo, Joselito, Arthur.

Goals: 0-1, Esquerdinha (min 3), 0-2, Adolfo (min 10), 1-2, Pedro Garcia (min 12), 2-2 Pedro Garcia (min 36), 2-3 Leo Santana (37).

Officials: Alonso Montesinos and Santander Flamarique.


Força Barça
Força Barça
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