Barça Lassa – Industrias Santa Coloma: Cruel last second defeat (2-3)

Barça Lassa – Industrias Santa Coloma: Cruel last second defeat (2-3)

Andreu Plaza’s side fell to defeat with two goals from the visitors in the last seconds. The scorers for Barça were Dyego and Lozano.

Barça Lassa lost in the last moments of the Catalan derby against Industrias Santa Coloma (2-3), thanks to Ximbinha being quickest to react to a Dídac save. Two goals for visitors in the last minute ended up snatching the victory.


The first great opportunity came for the hosts in the fifth minute, Barça’s Dyego finding Ferrao who forced a great save from the visiting keeper.

Though the blaugranes had more possession of the ball, the intense defensive pressure of the visitors made it difficult for them to get into scoring positions. In the 14th minute, Ximbinha mounted a magnificent counterattack and opened the scoring (0-1), and despite Andreu Plaza’s side having several more chances, they reached halftime still behind.

Barça reaction

At the break, the hosts came out with the bit between their teeth and once Dyego equalised, they came pouring forward at every opportunity. Ferrao and Esquerdinha went close before the captain, Lozano, put Barça ahead with five minutes left (2-1, min 35).

However, at the end of the game, luck deserted them. Pacheco had already silenced the Palau with a last second equaliser (2-2, min 40), before Ximbinha immediately took advantage of a Dídac save and scored the winner right on full-time.


Barça Lassa, 2
Industrias Santa Coloma, 3

Barça Lassa: Dídac, Boyis, Dyego, Adolfo and Esquerdinha – starters – Roger, Lozano, Ferrao, Joselito, Arthur, Ortego and Juanjo.
Industrias Santa Coloma: Feixas, Ximbinha, Pacheco, Corso and Verdejo – starters – Mario, Maico, Cristian, Cardona, Álvarez, Santos and Thalles
Goals: 0-1 Ximbinha, (min 14); 1-1 Dyego, (min 23); 2-1 Lozano, (min 35); 2-2 Pacheco, (min 40), 2-3 Ximbinha (min 40).
Officials: García Donas and Moreno Millán. Yellow card for Ferrao, Adri Ortego and Esquerdinha.



Força Barça
Força Barça

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