More than 600 supporters club members travel to Milan for Champions League game

More than 600 supporters club members travel to Milan for Champions League game

Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona has organised a meeting and official dinner for travelling fans

On the occasion of tomorrow's match between Inter Milan and FC Barcelona in the Champions League at 9.00pm, hundreds of supporters club members from all around the world, but especially from Italy and neighbouring countries, will be travelling to Milan to cheer on the team and flood the city with the Barça spirit. The Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona has organized a 'culer' meeting starting from today in Milan city centre. The guests will include the member of the FC Barcelona board of directors, ​​Pau Vilanova, the president of the FC Barcelona Supporters Club World Confederation, Antoni Guil, and the president of the World Federation of Barça Penyes, Antoni Freire.

In total, more than 600 'penyistes' from almost 80 clubs from all around the world are travelling to the Italian city, representing 75% of the total number of Barça fans making the journey. Two Polish clubs: the Fan Club Barça Polska, which is taking some 90 supporters to the Giuseppe Meazza, and the Penya Blaugrana de Poznan, with almost 80, lead the way in terms of numbers. Next, with about thirty fans on the move, are the Penya Barcelonista de Budapest, the Penya Blaugrana Di Roma, the FC Barcelona Penya Ticino from Switzerland, the Penya Barcelonista from Geneva and the Penya Barcelonista de Turin.

Polish supporters

Barça has supporters in every corner of the globe, who work hard to transfer the values ​​and practices that make such a fine example of FC Barcelona both on and off the field of play. Poland is a country where the club has always enjoyed a special kind of following, and the penyes in the country have done a fine job of recruiting members. The Penya Blaugrana in Poznan is among the youngest, officially formed in 2016, but it already has more than 360 members.

The Fan Club Barça Polska, formed in 2006, is more of a veteran and has more than 1,300 members. It also has a noble history of organising some of the most splendid supporter activities of recent years. For example, in 2007, it organized a charity match with veteran FC Barcelona players in association with the ABJ and all the profits were donated to the construction of a social home in the village of Kobylnica.

Italian dinner

In Italy, one of the world's leading football nations, there are also huge numbers of Barça supporters who organise activities in support of their team. For this game in particular, the Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona has organized a meeting in the heart of the Italian city this evening, with distinguished guests and the chance to try the famous local cuisine. In addition to the representatives of the Club and the Confederation, some fifty supporters will also be in attendance, including the president of the PB Lombarda, Pietro Giacomo, and the Delegate of Catalan Government in Italy, Luca Bellizzi.

Tomorrow, November 6th, on the day of the match, the clubhouse will be used for a live radio broadcast of the morning show "Radio Barça Italia", one of the country's most important media for covering Barça news. In the afternoon, and as a warm-up for the evening, a 5x5 match will be played between Inter Milan Forever and Barça Legends, the second game of the season for Albert Ferrer's side, the venue being Piazza Città di Lombardia at 4.15pm.

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