All-time record revenue: 960 million euros

All-time record revenue: 960 million euros

FC Barcelona makes good progress towards the target of 1,000 million euros by 2021, plus a round-up of other outcomes of today's board meeting

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors, ​​meeting on September 27, 2018 at an ordinary session in the Camp Nou offices, has covered the following questions:


This budget forecasts all-time record club revenue of 960 million euros, and expenses of 929 million euros, with a net after-tax profit of 11 million euros. This is in line with the Strategic Plan to reach 1,000 million euros by 2021, and also reflects the basic principles behind the way the board is governing the club. The EBITDA ratio is also in keeping with the limits set by the Statutes.


A whole series of articles in three areas of action are to be changed:

  • Regarding the Brand Area, article 2 on the club crest, proposing incorporation the description and identification of its colours
  • Regarding the Social Area, articles 9 and 23 (whereby members become Senators once their membership number is equal to or less than 1000) and article 16 (recognising the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs).
  • A further proposal is the inclusion of the idea of ‘working days’ when it comes to votes of confidence and presidential elections, referring to days any days that are not Sundays or public holidays in Catalonia.
  • Article 44, to raise the number of substitute members when appointing the Electoral Board.
  • In the Financial Area, article 66, on the Board of Directors has full power to issue debt securities or accept money in the form of a credit or loan, the value of which may not exceed 10% of the annual budget.


In accordance with the provisions of article 27 of the Statutes, the Ordinary General Assembly of Delegates is to be held at the Palau Blaugrana on October 20, at 10:30am for the first call and 11:00am in the second call, with the following agenda:

  1. Report by the President.
  2. Report and approval of the liquidation of the financial year corresponding to the 2017/2018 season.   
  3. Report and approval of the budget for the financial year corresponding to the 2018/2019 season.     
  4. Report by the Technical Secretary.
  5. Ratification of the new members of the Board of Directors, appointed in accordance with the provisions of article 35.1 of the Statutes.
  6. Ratification of the proposed modification of article 2 of the Statutes on the club crest.
  7. Report and approval of the proposal to reform the club statutes.
  8. Report by the FC Barcelona Foundation.
  9. Members' proposals in accordance with the provisions of article 20.11 of the Statutes.
  10. Report by the Control and Transparency Committee.
  11. Report by the Members Ombudsman.
  12. Open floor for questions.

The Board emphasises the importance of the participation of all the delegate members, and reminds them that they can find all the information on the issues that will be addressed on the agenda in documentation available as of tomorrow, while the club has organized several informative meetings on October 16 and 18 at 7.00pm in the Auditorium 1899.

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