Carlos Barbosa – Barça Lassa: Small details decisive (3-1)

Carlos Barbosa – Barça Lassa: Small details decisive (3-1)

Barça Lassa lost out in the semifinals of the Intercontinental Cup, with their opponents turning the scoreline around

Barça Lassa missed out on reaching the final of the Intercontinental tournament after losing 3-1 to Carlos Barbosa in the semifinal stage.

In a tough end to a closely contested match, the final three minutes saw the Brazilian side come back from behind to win.

A good start

The start for Barça Lassa was positive, despite them playing without the injured Léo Santana. They took the game to the current Brazilian league leaders in an intense opening spell, capped by Dyego breaking the deadlock with a goal in the 15th minute.

Three key minutes

Barça controlled the action for much of the game, and came close to extending their lead with a pair of shots from Lozano and Ferrao. However, it was Carlos Barbosa's Douglinhas who scored the next goal. He took advantage of a lost ball to level the game at 1-1.

With the game tied, Juanjo and Gian made several stops that added further excitement. Roger Serrano hit the crossbar on the half hour mark in another close opportunity.

Barça Lassa went behind on 37 minutes, as Carlos Barbosa captain Valdin scored. They tried to equalise and went in search of goals with an attacking strategy, including using Esquerdinha outfield, but they could not beat opposition stopper Gian and, late on, Bruno Souza confirmed the defeat with the third goal for the Brazilians.

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