Post retirement guidance for professional athletes

Post retirement guidance for professional athletes

We accompany athletes even in retirement

 Via the Comprehensive Athlete Care Service, the athlete is accompanied from their first day at the Club via the tutorial service, helping them balance the different areas of their lives to get the best out of themselves, not just in sporting terms. For that reason, we also continue to support the athletes in retirement.

We know the importance and the impact that retirement has on athlete and those close to them therefore we have a new service available to them at that point in their lives, working with them before, during and after their retirement date, ensuring that it is a stable transition for which the athlete feels prepared.

The post retirement guidance for professional athletes focuses its activities on:

·        Offering the athlete academic/professional guidance according to their individual needs for their entrance into the labour market following retirement.

·        Working on building a professional future project during their time as an athlete, guiding them through the process of retirement and beyond.

·        Guidance on their entrance into the labour market after retirement.

·        Creating collaborative agreements (work experience, job offers…), both inside and outside the club with the objective of making them compatible with their professional future objectives and their current sporting objectives.

·        Helping the athlete use all the abilities and values that they have learned over their sporting career in this new stage of their lives.

·        Guidance in their search for work.

·        Aiding in the labour market by making businesses aware of the benefits of working with athletes.

·        Finding out the athlete’s needs to develop their professional abilities during their sporting career and beyond.

·        Following their entrance into the world of work and beyond.

·        Guiding the athlete during the two years following their sporting retirement at the Club.

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