Supporters Clubs World Confederation presented a pioneering model to the world organisation of supporters of FC Barcelona

Supporters Clubs World Confederation presented a pioneering model to the world organisation of supporters of FC Barcelona

This new structure will be presented to all supporters clubs federations in 2017

The Supporters Clubs World Confederation announced, before the board of directors of the Federations of Supporters Clubs of Catalonia and their presidents, a global pioneering organisation model (Federations Development Plan) that aims to boost federations and more than 1,200 supporters clubs. With this plan, Barça will become the first club in the world to have a structure of this kind.

The event began with the presentations of Antoni Guil, president of the Confederation, and Pau Vilanova, director in charge of supporters clubs. Both representatives wanted to send a message of unity, optimism and enthusiasm to the new challenge ‘Projecte Penyes Segle XXI’.

During the event, the Confederation shared the main principals of the project:

-Provide better care for the supporters club member.
-Simplify internal management.
-Strengthen the presence of FC Barcelona in the territory.
-Gain more supporters club members and improve territorial federations.
-Attract young people to give continuity to the movement.

In addition, they explained that, in order to achieve this, they will deploy a structure based on four professional areas (events and solidarity, tickets and trips, administrative management and marketing/communication) that is replicated in each of the categories that make up the organisation: the Confederation, the Territorial Federations and the Supporters Clubs.

This plan will be implemented throughout 2017. During the first quarter, the Confederation will travel to each of the Assemblies of the Territorial Federations to start the project on a Catalan level. During the rest of the year, the same procedure will be followed on a Spanish and international level.

Statements from Antoni Guil:

“We want to be the best supporters club movement and, furthermore, the most professional in the world and, to achieve this, it is fundamental that we are well organised and that we can count on some solid Federations capable of pushing the project.”

Statements from Pau Vilanova:

“In recent years, the supporters clubs have demonstrated that they are increasingly mature and solid entities, but now is the time that this maturity becomes self-management, independence and efficiency,” he said, before adding that “on this path, they all have the support of the Club”.  

Força Barça
Força Barça

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