FC Barcelona Flip, the new virtual card game app, moves the show from the field to mobile devices

FC Barcelona Flip, the new virtual card game app, moves the show from the field to mobile devices

A social game that's simple and fun, FC Barcelona Flip brings Barça ever closer to its fans from all over the world

If you’re a Barça fan and you like card games, then you’re in luck. FC Barcelona Flip is now available on both iOS and Android. It’s a game that’s known for being simple to play, but you need great skills to dominate.

FC Barcelona Flip is a card game based on strategy, where the objective is to flip as many of your opponent's cards as possible, getting the most points to win the match.

Innovative game mechanics

With this new game, FC Barcelona looks to distance itself from the traditional “trading card games” with an innovative game play that’s different from any others that we’ve seen in the sports category. “The development of the game was inspired by original card games, but with a Player vs Player mechanic and in real time. It’s very addicting! Now our goal is to keep helping FC Barcelona continue to grow in the mobile market and work its way into e-sports”, explains José David Poveda, Business Director of From The Bench.

PvP in real time

FC Barcelona Flip consists of collecting the best football players, creating up the best lineup possible and playing matches in real time. In these matches, the decisions are made by the user, generating a very unique experience for both players. There are 3 ways in which you can participate:

  • The regular season, in which at the end of the month you receive a reward according to
    the highest division you’ve reached.
  • Tournaments, in which the user can play in each round, but if the user loses the match, he or she will be eliminated.
  • Friends, a format which allows the user to enjoy defeating his/her friend up until the very last toss.

Users that reach the highest division will compete in a very unique competition in which only the best can play, with very exclusive virtual rewards.

FC Barcelona Flip was developed by the Spanish company, From The Bench, which is specialized in the development of social sports manager games on multiple platforms: iOS, Android and Amazon. In addition, From The Bench has other successful games such as NBA General Manager and NBA Flip (with the official licenses of the NBA), Baseball General Manager (with the official license of the MLBPA), and 15 other football clubs from around the world. Their games have accumulated more than 60 million downloads worldwide.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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