FC Barcelona reaches 100 million Facebook fans

FC Barcelona reaches 100 million Facebook fans

Boosted by some 3.6 million new followers after the comeback against PSG, the club surpasses the magic milestone on the world's most popular social network

This Sunday, FC Barcelona has surpassed the magic milestone of 100 million ‘likes’ on Facebook!

The staggering achievement reflects the club's extraordinary following on digital media, where it has flown way ahead of the professional sports franchises in the USA.

The scale of the achievement can be put in perspective when we think that all those followers would fill the Camp Nou around 1,000 times over! And if Barça’s Facebook fans were a country, it would be the 14th most populated on the planet, above the likes of Egypt, Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

From the moment the club joined Facebook in October 2009, Barça have made constant progress and have rapidly become one of the world's most popular sports pages. The rise has been aided by the team’s sporting achievements, not least the epic comeback against PSG, when the photo of Messi’s celebration became the most successful content ever posted on Barça’s Facebook page and after which 3.6 million new fans clicked the like button on the FCB account.

The largest social media site in the world has over 1,860 million users, and is a natural target for the club. During the Clásico in December 2016, FC Barcelona redefined its strategy to help improve the fans’ experience via the use of 360º videos and streaming on Facebook Live.

The countries with the most Barça fans are Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil followed by Egypt, India and the United States. Not forgetting that Barça also has another 30 million Facebook followers of its other accounts, including those for other sports, women’s football, youth football, the Foundation and its supporters clubs.

Barça is a digital leader and this is not limited to Facebook, as they lead the way among sports clubs on the other social media outlets. On Instagram, the Catalans are about to surpass the 50 million mark; on its multiple Twitter accounts the club has reached 41 million followers; while on Youtube there are around three million subscribers.

Among all the social media outlets, FC Barcelona leads the way with over 280 million fans around the world. 

Força Barça
Força Barça
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