Approval of last season’s balance and €897 million budget for 2017/18

Approval of last season’s balance and €897 million budget for 2017/18

Delegate members pass profits and losses for 2016/17 with 486 votes for, just 22 against and 25 abstentions. Budget for 2017/18 also accepted by 391 votes at the Assembly, with 68 against and 49 abstentions

The FC Barcelona Assembly of Delegate Members held on Saturday morning has voiced its approval on the club’s financial statements. The figures are the highest in club history. The 2016/17 campaign produced revenue of 708 million euros, while the green-lighted budget for 2017/18 considers income of 897 million euros.

2016/17 balance statement

Club treasurer Enric Tombas explained the financial situation to the members, revealing that the 700 million euros revenue barrier had been passed for the first time in FCB history. The amount is 13 million higher than the budgeted 695 million.

The 708 million euros made last term are 2% up on the budget and 4% more (29 million euros) than the revenue of 679 million euros achieved in 2015/16.

Last season’s expenses of 677 million mean an overall profit of 31 million, reduced to 18 million after tax, which is slightly less than the 21 million budgeted, a difference brought about by the increased liquidation of corporate tax.

Last season’s balance was unanimously approved with 486 votes for, just 22 against and 25 abstentions.

Budget for 2017/18 season

The presentation of the 2017/18 budget was conducted by CEO Òscar Grau, who described forecast revenue of 897 million euros, a quite extraordinary figure that would place Barça on a higher level than any other sports club in the world, and in keeping with the club’s strategic plan to reach 1,000 million euros by 2021.

The forecast profits for 2017/18 rise to 21 million after tax, which confirms how financially stable and solid FC Barcelona is, after making a profit for seven consecutive years. The total profits since 2010 amount to a staggering 175 million euros.

This budget, and such a substantial leap forward, comes partly from extraordinary income, and needs to be continued by increased recurrent income, in line with the growth achieved in this area since 2010. This major increase in turnover has led to a better situation in terms of liquid assets and investment capacity to strengthen the club’s sports structure.

As for income, the marketing entry is especially strong, and is growing towards 300 million euros on the back of a 13% increase on last season. There has also been a remarkable increase in terms of transfers as a result of the departure of Neymar.

The budget for the current season received 391 votes for, 68 against and 49 abstentions.

Força Barça
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