Camp Nou to host ‘Football Medicine Outcomes’, the world’s largest conference in the field

Camp Nou to host ‘Football Medicine Outcomes’, the world’s largest conference in the field

3,000 attendees from over 95 countries and 200 leading experts will gather to discuss medical treatment in the game

Camp Nou will host for the second time the entire football medicine community on 2-4 June 2018 for 'Football Medicine Outcomes', the largest conference in the field. The event organiser is Isokinetic Medical Group, an international sports medicine group dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, care and rehabilitation of orthopaedic and sport injuries.

For FC Barcelona the conference is part of the club’s strategic objective to set new standards in the world of sport through the Barça Innovation Hub. a project which aims to be the worldwide number one sports industry center for knowledge and innovation, with the idea of creating value both for the Club and society in general. This is the project that enables the Club to innovate, generate, attract, manage and share both its own and external knowledge. The main goal is to promote a culture of excellence and collaboration with prestigious brands, universities, research centres, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors, and visionaries around the world, attracting the best international talent and promoting an open and collaborative culture.

The Conference program also includes the annual meeting of the FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence, which groups 49 centres from around the world and 211 member associations, under the auspices of F-MARC (FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre). This FIFA body was founded in 1994 to protect the health of all players and promote football as a healthy leisure activity.

The FC Barcelona medical services have formed part of this select group since 2013, when they were certified as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, becoming the first football club to receive the distinction.

An outstanding selection of internationally recognized experts in football medicine and sports medicine will be at Camp Nou to share their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas as part of a global network.

Some of the questions that we will pose to the faculty and promote in open debates and forums during the conference are the following:

  • What is the real impact of our player care work for footballers around the world?
  • What are the outcomes of prevention, surgery and conservative management?
  • Are we ready and really able to measure outcomes?

The conference will cover topics of interest for every practitioner and party involved in the management and delivery of care to professional and non-professional players: orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physiatrists, radiologists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, masseurs, coaches and team managers.

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