Payment and finance Season Ticket  Palau Temporada 2023/24

Payment and finance Season Ticket Palau Temporada 2023/24

Payment and finance Palau Blaugrana season ticket (baloncesto, hockey, futsal o balonmano) Season 2023/24

Members with a Palau Blaugrana Season ticket (basketball, handbol, hockey or futsal), for 2023/2024 can pay from August 21 at 10am CEST, or apply to pay in instalments. The deadline is September 5 at 8pm CEST. If during this period it has not been paid in one-time payment, or the installment option has been selected, from September 8 onwards, FC Barcelona will charge the total amount, through bank direct debit, as is usually has been done.  

How to request payment in instalments

All members with a PalaunBlaugrana Season ticket 2023/24 who would rather pay in instalments can do so by filling in a form in the Online  Transactions section of the Members Zone on the official website.

You will need your personal code and PIN number in order to complete the form.

Who can pay in instalments

Due to official regulations, the person making the payment must be of legal age and have a Spanish DNI or NIE number and official residence in Spain as stated on the card.

Finance options

Payment may be made in periods of three, four, six or nine months, without interest. A handling fee will be applied to each individual payment.

The financed amount may not be lower than €60 or greater than €2,500.

Payment must be made by Visa or Mastercard issued by a Spain-based bank. It is important to note that the card must be applicable for credit payments, does not expire before the payment period ends and there should be sufficient balance to make the first payment, which will be checked before approving the arrangement.


The fee for the 3, 4, 6 or 9 payments will be distributed as per the following chart:

FROM TO 3 4 6 9
€60.00 €99.99 €1.00 €1.50 €2.50 €4.17
€100.00 €250.00 €1.70 €2,50 €4.25 €7.00
€250.01 €400.00 €4.25 €6.50 €10.75 €17.50
€400.01 €550.00 €6,75 €10.25 €17.25 €28.00
€550.01 €700.00 €9.50 €14.25 €23.75 €38.50
€700.01 €850.00 €12.00 €18.00 €30.00 €49.00
€850.01 €1,000.00 €14.50 €21.75 €37.00 €59.75
€1,000.01 €1,150.00 €17,25 €26.00 €43.50 €70.00
€1,150.01 €1,300.00 €19.75 €29.75 €49.75 €80.00
> €1,300.00 1.70% 2.60% 4.35% 7.00%


For example, of paying €700 in 6 interest-free instalments, the fee will be €23.75 and will be distributed across all payments. In this case, each payment would be €120.63 for a total of €723.75, plus 17.53 in tax. This is following the French finance system. Offer subject to approval of Financiera Española de Crédito a Distancia, EFC, S.A. Offer valid from 24/07/2023 to 31/12/2023.

Applying for finance

The member must go to the transactions section and enter their code and PIN to go to the payment section.

The choices are:

·         “REQUEST FINANCE” as long as the total cost in within the minimum and maximum permitted.

·         “CARD PAYMENT”: Use the club's payment gateway to make the payment in one single go.

Once the application has been made, you will be sent a conformation email.

In the case of minors, a parent or legal guardian must accept the conditions and provide their detail to FINDIRECT to manage the procedire.

If the applicant is not the member who holds the season ticket (or is a parent or guardian in the case of a minor), when checking the box stating this condition, a new screen will appear requesting the email of the payer. This person must accept the payment terms in order for the procedure to continue.

Payment can also be made in person at the Barcelona Supporter Services Office (Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm by appointment only).

For further information, please see the following link:


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