When and where to watch the Gamper Trophy between FC Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur

When and where to watch the Gamper Trophy between FC Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur

Global viewing guide to the game with Tottenham at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

Barça entertain Tottenham Hotspur this coming Tuesday 8 August in the Joan Gamper Trophy, the first ever game for the Catalans at their temporary home, the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium.

As always you can follow the game in our Match Center our official website.


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TV coverage

Although we make every effort to make sure this list is correct and complete, FC Barcelona is not responsible for the schedules of individual broadcasters.

Tuesday 8 August

Canada – Vancouver (11:00 AM) / Toronto (2:00 PM)

United States – Los Angeles (11:00 AM) / Las Vegas (11:00 AM) / New York (2:00 PM)
Fox Deportes

Mexico - Mexico City (12:00 PM)
Sky México

South America - Bogota (1:00 PM) / Santiago (2:00 PM) / Argentina (3:00 PM)

Brazil (3:00 PM)
GUIGO, NOW NET e Claro, Star+, ESPN

Subsaharan Africa – Dakar (6:00 PM) / Yaoundé (7:00 PM) / Cape Town (8:00 PM)

United Kingdom (7:00 PM)
Spurs Play

Portugal (7.00 PM)

Spain (8:00 PM)
TV3, Mediaset

France (8:00 PM)  

Italy (8.00 PM)

Netherlands (8:00 PM)
Ziggo Sport Select, Ziggo Sport 14

Belgium (8.00 PM)

Germany, Austria, Switzerland (8.00 PM)

Norway, Sweden (8.00 PM)

Ukraine (9:00 PM)

Turkey (9:00 PM)

Israel (9:00 PM)

Russia – Moscow (9:00 PM)

Arab Countries – Mecca (9:00 PM)
Sharjh Sports

Egypt (9.00 PM)

India (11.30 PM)

Wednesday 9 August

Indonesia (1:00 AM)

Vietnam (1.00 PM)

China (2:00 AM)

Japan (3:00 AM)

South Korea (3.00 AM)

Australia – Sydney (4:00 AM)

Força Barça
Força Barça

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